Google Penalty Recovery Service

A Google penalty may seem like one of the worst things that can happen to a website. This is especially true if you have spent a lot of money on an SEO campaign. A Google penalty can knock you off the search engines and drastically reduce your web traffic. When a Google penalty strikes, it can take months of hard work before you see any improvement. If your website has been penalized by Google, then Measurable SEO is here to help you recover.


Google penalties are becoming more common as the search engines continue to change their methods and many unethical SEO companies continue to provide services that violate Google’s guidelines. SEO is a difficult and tricky process, and it can be tempting to use methods that guarantee quick results. However, it’s also important to make sure you are doing everything the right way so that you can avoid Google penalties. Luckily, when things go wrong, Measurable SEO knows what it takes to get you back on top.

What Are the Signs of a Google Penalty?

Google penalties can hit quickly and without warning. If you aren’t sure whether or not your site has been penalized, there are a few tell tale signs you can check. One of the biggest indicators of a Google penalty is a drop in your rankings. If you were on the first page for several keywords and you suddenly find that your site is buried ten pages deep, then there is a good chance that you were hit with a penalty.


Another indicator of a Google penalty is a big drop in your web traffic. If you notice sharp declines in your web traffic, then chances are you aren’t ranking as high as you used to in the search engines. When you notice your web traffic take a dip, check your rankings to find out if you’ve been dropped. If you don’t track your web traffic on a regular basis, another good indicator is a decrease in sales or leads. If people aren’t calling you or buying your product at the same rate as they were last month, then this may indicate that something has happened to your rankings.


If you use Google Webmaster Tools, you can check to see if you have any warnings that indicate you have been penalized. Warnings you might see in your Webmaster Tools include messages about duplicate content, unnatural links, and web spamming. Another test for a Google penalty is to see if your site has been de-indexed by the search engine. If you can’t find your website at all, then you have almost certainly been penalized.


No matter what signs you have noticed and how bad the penalty may seem, Measurable SEO can help you determine the cause and get your site unpenalized.

Determining Why You Were Penalized

In order to recover from your Google penalty, it’s important to know why you were penalized in the first place. One of our first steps at Measurable SEO to help you recover is to find out the exact reason you were penalized. We use a variety of methods to discover the exact reason for your penalty. This is important because knowing the cause of the penalty can help reverse the damage sooner. Whether you have received a manual penalty or an algorithm penalty, we can help you recover and get back those leads you have been missing.


When we determine why you were penalized, we will ask you a series of questions about your previous SEO work. By going through the Google Webmaster Guidelines with you, we can help you figure out if you were doing anything that violated these terms. Buying links, engaging in link exchanges, using duplicate content, hiding links or content, or using automated tools to build links can all lead to Google penalties. We will explore each of these issues with you and help you understand the cause of the penalty.


In some cases, a website owner either has no idea that he or she did something wrong or isn’t actually at fault for the wrongdoing. There have been many instances of competitors performing negative SEO on sites, which can lead to a penalty. In any case, we will isolate the cause of your penalty and correct it. By checking your linking profile and your content, we can determine the problem so that we can fix it. We don’t spend our time pointing fingers; rather, we pinpoint the problem and provide a solution.

Clean Up the Problem

Once we determine the cause of your penalty, we work hard to clean it up. It’s important to understand that recovering from a Google penalty is a multi-step process that requires a lot of patience on your part. If you’ve gone through SEO campaigns before, you know that it can take several months to see any improvement in traffic. Google penalty recovery can take even longer. Luckily, we are experts at helping companies recover from penalties, and we will make the process as quick and painless as possible.


Our Google penalty recovery service sets out to resolve the problem first by removing the cause. In most cases, Google penalties are related to the linking profile. We will use a variety of tools to analyze your linking profile and determine which links most likely have caused the penalty. Figuring out where the problem lies is typically one of the easiest parts of the recovery process. Once we have a full list of problem points, then the diligent cleanup begins.


When we evaluate your link profile, we look for any links that appear to come from link schemes, automated tools, link networks, or other spam or paid sources. Low quality links and links from foreign sites are often giveaways. We also pay attention to links that aren’t niche related. All of these point to practices that violate Google’s terms and lead to penalties.


To complete the clean up, we conduct a link removal campaign. This can include requests for removal, using the disavow tools, and more. Our link experts are aggressive in this campaign, but in the process we are still diligent in the clean up.


After we have cleaned up everything, it is time to rebuild. Once the cleanup is complete, we will submit the necessary reconsideration requests that will get your site indexed again and back in the search results. During this process, we will also work on rebuilding and re-optimizing your website.


When we create a new SEO solution to rebuild your traffic, we make sure that we won’t fall into any of the problems that caused your penalty. Measurable SEO focuses on all white-hat techniques that conform to Google’s guidelines and prevent your site from getting penalized.. We want to help you to recover and be successful for the long run.

The Measurable SEO Google Penalty Recovery Plan

Our recovery plan is a complete service designed to help your website overcome a Google penalty. Here is a brief overview of our process:


  • Thorough analysis of your site, including an evaluation of your link profile and optimization
  • Determination of the penalties and their causes
  • Targeting and removal of bad and suspicious links
  • Implementing of the Google Disavow Tool, if necessary
  • Writing and submitting requests for reconsideration
  • Creation of a long-term and safe SEO strategy


During the entire process, we communicate with you to make sure you understand exactly what happened and how we are working to improve your situation


Recovering from a Google penalty does not have to wipe out your company. When your site is penalized, you are losing out on thousands of dollars of potential revenue. Selecting a recovery plan from Measurable SEO will deliver a ROI which ultimately pays for itself.

The cost of your Google penalty recovery plan will depend on several factors, including:

  • The type and severity of penalty you incurred
  • The cause of your penalty
  • The competition in your niche
  • The number of keywords you are targeting


After analyzing these factors, we will present a no obligation quote for your recovery campaign which provides you the best value and results. With a 100% success rate in manual penalty recovery, we are confident that you will be glad that you chose Measurable SEO to recover your website from a penalty.


Many SEO companies, including Measurable SEO, offer a free website evaluation to potential clients. An evaluation (or analysis) should not be confused for an audit. A website evaluation typically involves an SEO expert looking over a website for several minutes with a basic checklist. The SEO expert might look at the length of your content and your title tags. They will probably also check how you rank for relevant keywords. After a quick look at your back link profile, they will have enough information to write up a proposal for you. Ultimately, they won’t tell you what’s wrong with your site. In fact, many SEO companies are afraid to give you this information because they think it means that you will just run and do it yourself instead of shelling out a big monthly payment for their minimal work. In general, a website evaluation is quick and tells you very little about your website. It’s a sales pitch, not a tool to help you. An SEO audit is a complete look at your website that pinpoints the exact ways to improve your visibility. Our SEO site audit reports are for your benefit, not for the benefit of an SEO company looking to make more money from you.


If you are ready to overcome your Google penalty and get your site back on top, then Contact Measurable SEO today. Our experts are ready to discuss the options with you and give you a complete solution at a price you can afford. Don’t let your business fall any further. Get your site back to where it belongs with Measurable SEO.

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