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The Benefits of Custom SEO Campaigns

It is no longer effective to use a one-size-fits-all approach to optimizing web pages and blog posts. Today, your SEO strategy needs to be laser-focused on user experience. Your pages need to be optimized for search intent in order to rank high in search results. This means customizing your SEO strategy in accordance with your competitors and best practices in your niche. The benefits of custom SEO campaigns include:

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    Higher Rankings

    by increasing visibility and driving more qualified organic traffic to your site

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    Get More Leads

    by identifying & reaching prospects interested in buying your products & services

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    Increase Revenues

    by closing more deals and turning buyers into customers for life

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Every Custom SEO Package Includes the Following

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Technical SEO

We review the site´s performance in terms of indexation, site architecture, keywords, rankings,traffic, and goals.

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Competitor Analysis

We perform an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses vs. competitors,' identifyingopportunities and threats.

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On-Page optimization

We help Google understand what your page is about in order to maximize ranking opportunities.

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Content Marketing

We analyze the performance of content. then "prune," improve, remove, merge, or update pagesto increase traffic.

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Link Building

Our White Hat manual link-building approach will skyrocket your rankings and drive organictraffic to your website.

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Monthly reporting

Our comprehensive reporting not only reviews progress, but offers insights and includes actionable recommendations.

Local SEO Packages

  • Actions Basic Advanced Premium
  • $750/mo $1000/mo $1250/mo
  • SEO Audit Month 1 Month 1 Month 1
  • Keyword research & Competitor Gap Analysis Month 1 Month 1 Month 1
  • Setup / Audit Google webmasters Tools Month 1 Month 1 Month 1
  • Setup / Audit Google Analytics Month 1 Month 1 Month 1
  • Create / Optimize GMB Listing Month 2 Month 1 Month 1
  • Submit Site to Data Aggregators Month 2 Month 2 Month 1
  • Create / Optimize Bing for Business Listing N/A N/A Month 1
  • Month 2 and Beyond:
  • *Option A: Niche Citation Building 13/mo 26/mo 40/mo
  • *Option B: Link Building in Lieu of Citations 1/mo 2/mo 3/mo
  • * Or…. A Combination of Links & Citations of Comparable Value
  • Create Blog Post(s) LinkBait and / or Resource(s) as Needed 900 words 1200 words 1500 words
  • On-Page Optimization 2 Pg / mo 3 Pg / mo 5 Pg / mo
  • Monthly Reporting Yes Yes Yes
  • Add for PPC Campaign: ** 500 ** 500 ** 500
  • Setup - One Time Month 1 Month 1 Month 1
  • Monthly Mgmt Fee (excluding CPC) - Month 2 & Beyond Month 2 Month 2 Month 2
  • * For managing monthly spend of up to $3500 / mo
  • Price for Blended Campaign - SEO + PPC $1,250/mo $1500/mo 1750/mo

National / International SEO Packages

  • Actions Basic Advanced Premium
  • $1250/mo $2,500/mo $5,000/mo
  • Onboarding Month 1 Month 1 Month 1
  • Google Analytics ~ Audit and / or Setup Month 1 Month 1 Month 1
  • KW Research - Opportunities / Gap Analysis / Competitor Review Month 1 Month 1 Month 1
  • Technical SEO - Website Audit with Actionable Recommendations Month 2 Month 2 Month 1
  • On-Page optimization 3Pg /mo 6Pg /mo 12Pg /mo
  • Content Audit Month 4 Month 3 Month 2
  • Content Strategy & Content Creation (Ongoing) 1500 words 3000 words 6000 words
  • Link Building* (Begins Month 2) 2/mo 5/mo 11/mo
  • Analysis and reporting Every Month Beginning Month One
  • Optional ~ Add for PPC Campaign: * 500 * 500 * 500
  • Setup - One Time Month 1 Month 1 Month 1
  • Monthly Mgmt Fee - Month 2 & Beyond Month 2 Month 2 Month 2
  • * For managing monthly spend of up to $3500 / mo
  • Price for Blended Campaign - SEO + PPC $1,750/mo $3,000/mo $5,500/mo

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

As a business professional, you likely recognize the importance of SEO in driving organic traffic to your website. You almost certainly understand why, in today's digital age, web traffic is critical to driving sales and earning brand loyalty. But that does not mean that you understand the ins and outs of what SEO, or search engine optimiztion, actually is, or what it does for your website.


SEO is a process that makes your content more likely to come up in search results when a user is making a query related to the topic of your web page or blog post. By "optimizing" your digital content for search engines, you effectively help your content speak the search engine's language. The better search engines can understand your content, the more likely they are to rank your content highly in search results, since they perceive it as more helpful and more trustworthy for consumers who are searching for answers.

Search engines are a commercial enterprise -- and like any business, they want to keep customers happy. In the case of SEO, "customers" are web browsers looking for answers. Today's search engines have refined their algorithms to better help customers answer their hard-hitting questions. That's why the techniques that used to work, such as keyword stuffing and keyword density, are no longer relevant to your brand's SEO strategy.

Nowadays, if you are looking to build your domain authority (DA) and come up more frequently in search results, you need to have the most user-friendly website possible. The modern search engine optimization process focuses on creating content that is useful, relevant, and streamlined for consumers and search engines alike. Gone are the days when you could slap up shoddy websites with cheaply-written content and reel in hundreds of thousands of views. In order to appear in search results, you need to develop quality content, on a quality website.

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Creating Quality Content with Custom SEO Packages

Content marketing and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand. Today's consumers want to receive as much value as possible from your brand, without having to pay exorbitant prices to get it. By sharing some of your brand's expertise with consumers for free, you can engage consumers, reel in organic traffic, and build trust with your target audience. All of these factors make it more likely that you will convert website users into paying customers. But in order for this strategy to work, you must focus on creating quality content that is well-optimized for search engines and real people alike.


SEO experts debate over what it means to create quality content in today's day and age. Some people swear that your content should be no longer than 500 words, while others stress the importance of web pages that exceed a word count of 2,000. Some say you should never include outbound links in your posts, since it directs traffic away from your website, while others emphasize the importance of outbound links in establishing trustworthiness.

There is no single definition of what it means to create "quality content." That's why Measurable SEO looks at what your competitors are doing -- not only your direct industry competitors, but also the websites you are competing with for views. Using what we find through our competitive analysis, we help you create a sustainable content marketing strategy that's optimized for your brand and your niche, not a one-size-fits-all approach to creating cookie-cutter blog posts and videos.

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Optimizing Your Website for User-Friendliness

Many businesses make the mistake of undervaluing their website's user-friendliness. They hyper- focus on long-tail keywords and H1 headers, only to neglect the state of their website. While keywords and H1s are essential to any business's SEO strategy, so is creating a user-friendly website. After all, Google's current algorithm takes into consideration user experience (UX) factors such as broken links, load time, and other signs of neglect when deciding which pages to rank on the first page of search results.


If you want to reach the top of the SERPs, you need to spend more time elevating your UX. For that reason, we include an in-depth website analysis as part of each and every custom SEO package we deliver to our clients. We take the time that you don't have to identify areas of improvement, such as broken links, and update your old web pages so Google perceives them as fresh once again.

In addition to improving UX factors, we also update your previous content to improve its "freshness" score with the search engines. Customers often wonder why pages that used to perform well suddenly stop showing up in search results the way they used to. Frequently, thishappens because clients fail to update their old posts. Google likes to display new-and-improved content on the first pages of the SERPs. Signs of abandonment or neglect, such as outdated content, do not bode well for your SEO strategy.

That's why we crawl your website, just like the search engines do, for any content with the potential to be made "evergreen," or timeless. We update these pages with additional keywords, up-to-date information, and technical fixes to ensure they are no longer overlooked by Google and other search engines. While this process is time-consuming, we believe in going the extra mile to help our clients develop an SEO strategy that will deliver lasting results and continue to boost organic traffic in the long-term.

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On-Site vs. Off-Site SEO Tactics

We believe that it's not enough to use just on-site or off-site SEO tactics. The best, most competitive websites that rank highest in the SERPs use multiple strategies to help their content thrive. We can help you do the same. Our SEO experts are well-versed in both on-site and off- site SEO techniques that can help you earn organic traffic through multiple channels. We provide streamlined, personalized tips to help your business improve its SEO strategy, both on- and off- page.


Understanding the difference between on-site and off-site SEO tactics is critical to success:

  • On-site optimization refers to techniques used to improve search engine rankings directly on the web page in question. In many cases, this means incorporating long-tail keywords, using H1s and H2s, optimizing meta tags, and utilizing similar tactics to improve the ability of search enignes to understand your content.
  • Off-site optimization refers to tactics used to improve search engine rankings from outside your website. This includes manual outreach link-building, which helps your website build authority with search engines by increasing the number of editorial links to your content on the web.

While we are skilled at using both on-site and off-site SEO techniques to help our clients, we find that one technique tends to be especially undervalued by our customers: manual outreach link-building. This type of link-building uses White Hat techniques, rather than Black Hat shortcuts. You can no longer rely on sketchy guest posting sites or PBNs to earn organic traffic through Google. The modern search engine is not fooled by these gimmicks, and using them may actually result in your content being banned from the platform altogether.

Manual outreach link-building depends on building real relationships with the humans behind your favorite websites. These types of links require webmasters to manually add the link to your site to their web page. Because they are earned organically, Google uses them as a measure of trustworthiness, and factors them highly when determining where your web page ranks in the SERPs.

Rather than relying on automated mail merges or copy-and-pasted emails, manual outreach link- building uses personalized email outreach to make connections with other webmasters in your niche. As a result, webmasters are much more likely to respond to your requests -- and your outreach is far less likely to wind up in their spam folder than if you were to use an automated process. This helps you earn more quality editorial links, which Google factors into your trustworthiness score. This score comprises an important part of the algorithm used to help you rank higher on the SERPs.

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