Google Penalty Recovery Service

Have you suddenly lost almost all of your traffic from Google? If so, you may have just been hit with a penalty from the search engine. These penalties can result in a major loss of income as customers can no longer find your site. If you’ve just spent a good amount of money to launch a new online marketing campaign, this can be extremely frustrating.
That’s where our Google penalty recovery services come into play. If you’re dealing with a penalty, especially if it’s the first time you’ve been hit, you may not know what to do. We’re here to help you recover from this disaster and get your online campaigns back in full swing.

Yes, I Need a Penalty Revoked

How Do You Get Penalized, Anyway?

Google’s penalty assessment methods aren’t always clear. This is made even more confusing by the fact that they often change. What was once a best practice may suddenly become a black hat strategy. For example, site owners used to work in as many keywords as they could into a website, but now, that’s considered keyword stuffing and should be avoided in favor of strong, useful content.
Google penalizes any sites that it feels are using deceptive methods to bring in additional traffic. Any black hat SEO strategies are going to trigger a penalty. Sometimes Google will notify you about a penalty in advance and give you a little bit of time to correct the issue, while other times your site is flagged but you receive no notification at all.

Yes, I Need a Penalty Revoked

The Types of Penalties

Google has a number of different types of penalties it assesses depending on your website. If you’ve used a lot of unnecessary keywords and have overall low quality content, you may be hit with an SEO penalty. On the other hand, if your site has been linked to from spam websites, you may have been given a link penalty. Both are bad, but the Google recovery process isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Yes, I Need a Penalty Revoked

Dealing with Specific Algorithms

While penalty repair is an option, the best move is to craft your SEO and marketing strategies so that you are not penalized in the first place. Unfortunately, this is not always easy. That’s because new algorithms usually mean a new round of penalties is about to hit. Google Panda, for example, was focused on content. Many sites were given an SEO penalty and had to revamp all of their site content before Google would release the assessment.

Yes, I Need a Penalty Revoked

Google Penguin

Dealing with Google penguin recovery is a chore, and it’s one of the many reasons you may want to work with a penalty recovery service. Google Penguin deals with backlinks, those links that point to your page from other websites. You have no control over who posts these links, although you want high quality sites to link to your page.
Google Penguin recovery takes time and energy that you could be using to do something else, although it’s a necessary process. Fortunately, penalty recovery services have experience in dealing with these websites. We can help you with bad backlinks in a number of ways:
• Scanning known link farms and other spam sites for your website.
• Submitting link removal requests.
• Handling disavow file creation
• Following up with Google if a penalty removal request is not completed timely.

Yes, I Need a Penalty Revoked

Have You Been Penalized?

If you’ve noticed a major drop off in web traffic or in conversions, you may be the victim of a Google penalization. If so, you need a qualified Google penalty recovery team on your site. Contact us today so we can help you remove these penalties.
If a large number of spam websites link to you, Google sees it as a problem and penalizes you. If you look at your link profile and see that you have a number of different backlinks from low quality pages, your SEO ranking could suffer.

Yes, I Need a Penalty Revoked

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