Link Audit Services: Backlink Audit and Google Penalty Recovery

The auditing process is the most technical and important step in recovering from a manual action (aka Google Penalty). A poor audit can lead to the creation of an incomplete disavow file.  This in turn, does nothing to resolve a toxic backlink profile and ignoring spammy inbound links is a common reason for a site owner’s reconsideration request to be denied.

Google Penguin is often mistaken for a penalty but is actually a Google  algorithm.  The algorithm is triggered by exact match anchor text (EMAT) spam, guest post spam, IP network spamming, and having a high percentage of bad links on low quality pages. Unlike manual link penalties, webmasters will not receive notification of a problem via Google search console. That said, the steps for Penguin recovery are nearly the same as a manual link penalty recovery, with the exception of filing a reconsideration request.

Our Link Audit Services
We take your Google Search Console incoming links and collect 13 key pieces of link data for each URL. Our custom research tool acts as a “link profiler, allowing us to sort links by type for the an effective manual review of risky links. Our goal is to get your penalty removed while maintaining all of the good and powerful backlinks to your website. Many back links may look great algorithmically, but can be manipulative and a key reason why the site was penalized in the first place, which is why a manual review is crucial to success.

We provide two types of audit services
DIY– You receive the same link data from our proprietary tool that we use to perform an audit. Next, you follow the steps PRECISELY as described in this step by step guide for penalty recovery. The guide addresses a manual recovery, but the steps are nearly the same for an algothithmic recovery. The only difference is that an algorithmic recoverydoes not require email outreach or a reconsideration request. Turnaround time: 1-2 days

Full Service – We perform a detailed link audit and create a disavow file. In the case of a manual penalty, we also do email outreach and create a reconsideration request. The backlink audit and removal turnaround time is 1 – 30 days, depending on complexity. The goal is to have the penalty revoked the first time.