If It’s Not Measurable, It Doesn’t Matter

Digital marketing is a big deal these days with marketers of all kinds, and all sizes, jumping in to take advantage of the big benefits that online marketing can offer. But, not all that glitters is gold. Despite the proliferation of consultants, service providers and agencies to offer digital marketing services, not all marketers get the big benefits they’re hoping for.

Our clients do.

Chuck Price has been providing digital marketing services since 2006. First as COO of We Build Pages (now Internet Marketing Ninjas) and later as founder of Measurable SEO in 2011.  Specializing in SEO we take a strategic approach to helping clients get more sales and traffic and see measurable boosts in ROI.

Recently we caught the attention of Clutch, a business-to-business (B2B) marketing firm based in Washington, D.C. Clutch finds, evaluates and shares information about digital marketing agencies around the globe. Their evaluation process is based on a proprietary methodology that includes a dozen qualitative and quantitative factors including direct, one-on-one, interviews with agency clients. They conducted interviews with some clients of ours.

Those clients have seen results.

One client, a toy retailer, told Clutch:

“Over the last couple of months we’ve seen a big jump in search engine ranking for a lot of our keywords. I think we’ve seen a 50% increase in traffic over the last two months.”

Another client, a lead generation company, said:

“Google had pretty heavily penalized one of our sites, and we needed to have that cleaned up. Measurable SEO helped us address the problem we had with Google.”

If you’re interested in achieving real results through your online marketing efforts, we invite you to take a closer look at what Measurable SEO has to offer. Visit our Clutch profile to learn more.

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