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What’s black and white and knocks your website right out of the search results? If you guessed Google’s Panda update, then you are definitely on the right track. However, figuring out just why Panda has targeted your website is a much bigger riddle that can only be solved with a thorough analysis of your website.

When your site takes a sudden hit in the search engines, one of the first things you must do is diagnosing the problem. Measurable SEO’s team of experts can help you pinpoint the problem and get your site back on the right track. When you use our Panda recovery services, we help you make a better website so that you can get the traffic you want.

Figuring Out the Cause
Google’s Panda update was designed to evaluate the quality of websites in order to make sure the best and most relevant sites get the best rankings. When you contact Measurable SEO about your Panda penalty, we explore your entire website in order to determine all possible causes of Google’s action. Many website owners make the mistake of only looking for one cause of the problem. For example, you might think that the slow load time of your page is the reason why Panda has targeted your website when in reality there might be a handful of causes. Our Panda recovery services look for all the potential problems so that you will have a better website that won’t be affected by future Google updates.

There are many reasons why Google’s Panda update might have penalized your website. With a Panda penalty though, you won’t get notification from Google regarding why you were penalized (you may get this with a Penguin update, but not always). Therefore, it is up to you to figure it out. Rather than leaving it to a guessing game, Measurable SEO will explore each aspect of your site. Here are some of the things we will consider as we explore your site:

Do you have any duplicate content (either internal or external)?

Is your content too thin (doesn’t contain enough information)?

How quickly does your page load? Pages that load very slowly are likely to be penalized by Panda.

Do you have too many ads on your site?

Do you have low quality or irrelevant content? Is the text filled with grammatical and spelling errors?

Do you have broken links on your website?

Is your website compatible with all browsers?

Have you over-optimized your meta data? Is your content stuffed with keywords to the point that it is almost unreadable?

Are any and all redirects done properly?

Is the design of the website clean?

Do you have a sitemap?

When conducting our Panda recovery plans for your website, we will go through all of these questions and more to find the exact cause of the problem. During this process, we can help you make your website into the best experience possible for your users.

The Best Website Possible
Having a good website has many advantages beyond strong traffic. If you have the best website possible, then your viewers will be more likely to stick around. This ultimately means more leads and more conversions for you. Additionally, if you have a great website, your visitors are more likely to refer other people to your site.

In order to optimize your website, there are a lot of things you need to consider. It needs to load quickly, be easy to navigate, provide a lot of quality and relevant information for your visitors. There are also things you need to do specifically for the search engines. This includes having unique and appropriate metadata, a clear site architecture, and proper canonicalization. While your visitors won’t care much about these things, the search engines will take notice and reward you if everything is completed the right way. Of course, when your search results are better, you will get more visitors, and they will appreciate the high quality of your content.

What Exactly Does Panda Want?
Google’s Panda update wants to reward the best websites and make sure those are the ones that searchers find when they are looking for specific information. Here are just a few of the things that Panda is looking for in a high quality website:

Information that is relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative

Unique content with little to no overlap

A secure site (especially if it processes payments)

Quality content that is free of errors and edited thoroughly

Additionally, Google wants to reward sites that people would find valuable. Ask yourself the following questions about your site:

Would people want to bookmark or share this site?

When people find this site in a search result, will it sufficiently answer their questions?

Is this site better than the competing websites?

Would users be confused by the site?

Measurable SEO will help make sure that your site meets all of these guidelines so that you can achieve the best traffic possible.

Fixing the Problem
Once Measurable SEO detects the likely cause(s) of your Panda penalty, we will show you exactly how to fix the site. Depending on which Panda recovery plan you choose, we can even make all of the changes for you. Our content writing experts will help you turn any penalized content into the high quality information that Google will reward and readers will want to share. Here are some of the solutions we offer:

Content Development: If you don’t have enough content on your page, we will expand it so that it provides the most relevant possible information for your potential users’ search queries. All of our content is written by experts in the field.

Content Re-creation: Our content experts will find any duplicate content you have and rewrite the content on those pages so that it will be unique. All of our content is 100% handwritten and never spun from another source.

Meta Tag Solutions: We will go through your meta tags and make sure that each tag is unique, relevant, and not over-optimized. We will fix any errors in your meta tags that might be affecting your website. If you have the same exact meta tags on every page of your site, this can have a huge negative impact on your site.

Page Speed Resolutions: We will optimize your page so that it loads as fast as possible. While it’s true that the search engines may penalize a slow-loading page, it’s even truer that your users won’t stay on the page for very long. We live in a society that expects information to be delivered instantaneously. Therefore, we will maximize your page speed so that you can keep users on your site long enough to get those conversions you want. There are many things that can affect your page load speed, and we will be sure to find and resolve all of the potential issues.

Content Editing: We will thoroughly edit your content for any grammatical or spelling problems that might be bringing your site down. Our goal is to make your content as friendly and readable as possible.

Design and Architectural Solutions: We can redesign your website so that it has the cleanest look possible. When it comes to web design, you don’t necessarily need to have a fancy site, but it needs to be easy to navigate and free of too many distractions. Your users should be able to find what they are looking for without working too hard to get there. Your users should also be able to get back to your homepage with ease. By fixing these issues, your page will be cleaner and friendlier for your users and the search engines.

Sitemap creation: We will create XML and HTML Sitemaps and submit them to the search engines. This can maximize your page indexing and make sure everything is detected. It can also help to sort out any future problems caused by Google updates.

No matter what the problem is, Measurable SEO has a solution for fixing the issue and getting your site back to the top.

What Happens After the Fix
After we have fixed all of the issues related to your Panda penalty, you might hope that your site will suddenly regain all of the lost traffic. However, this is not usually the case. Recovery from penalty is not instantaneous. You will need to be patient before you see major improvements in traffic. In order to speed the process along, using Measurable SEO’s effective SEO services can give you a boost. While we can’t get your traffic back overnight, we can improve your odds of recovery so that you don’t have to miss out on too many potential visitors and customers.

Start Your Panda Recovery Now
If you have been hit by a Panda penalty, then you need to contact Measurable SEO as soon as possible. We will find the problem, provide a solution, and suggest a long term SEO strategy that withstands the test of time.

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