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Do you know what your online reputation says about you? Do people see negative reviews about your business and believe them, or are there enough positive reviews to outweigh any negatives? Without a great online reputation, you’re going to be losing customers, even if the reviews they are reading do not provide a complete picture of the situation.
Having a damaged reputation isn’t the end of the world, though. By working with a good online reputation management service, you can undo any damage that has been done.

Yes, I Want to Control my Reputation

Why is it Important?

According to a study conducted by BrightLocal, online reviews are now considered as trustworthy as a recommendation from a friend or family member. Eighty-eight percent of consumers are just as likely to be persuaded by an online review left by an anonymous person as they are by an in-person recommendation by someone they know.
Ignoring reviews about your business or products, especially if they’re negative, is like telling a large number of potential customers that you don’t care about what people say about you. That’s not going to help counter what the negative review says, and you’ll lose business.
But what can you do about negative reviews? That’s where online reputation management services come into play.

Yes, I Want to Control my Reputation

How it Works

Our process starts with doing a detailed search to discover exactly what your online reputation is. In some cases, you may have next to nothing, but it others, you may have a mostly positive or, unfortunately, mostly negative reputation. That’s okay, we can help with that. What might a negative search turn up? Here are some of the things that might affect your reputation:
• Unfairly negative reviews
• Slanderous online news articles
• Low ratings for something you have no control over (delayed shipping, for example).
• Websites that publish fictitious negative reviews designed to promote a competitor.
• Social media posts from unhappy customers.
We deal with all of these, cleaning up anything unfairly negative about your business. Your customers shouldn’t be driven away simply because a few people post untrue reviews, a competitor pays someone to trash your company, or a disgruntled employee decides to get revenge.

Yes, I Want to Control my Reputation

We Work Quickly

The longer a negative review is online, the more damage it will do to your business. Online reputation management services must work as quickly as possible to remove anything that will lower your reputation before it has a chance to be seen.
We make use of special software that monitors your brand name and several variations of it to ensure that we know about any negative review or article as soon as it goes up. Once we see it, our team evaluates its impact on you and goes into damage control mode. We will do everything we can to resolve the review, including working to have it removed.

Yes, I Want to Control my Reputation

Do You Need Your Reputation Repaired?

We’re driven by our ethics policy that states that customers should see your business for how it is, not as how negative reviews would paint it. If you believe your online reputation has been damaged, contact us today so we can help customers see you as you are.

Yes, I Want to Control my Reputation

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