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If your website isn’t performing as well as you would like, it may be time for an audit. Website audits can typically be completed in a few business days. our  process looks at your entire website and determines what is working, what isn’t, and what could be working better. custom SEO audits are a vital step in developing an action plan designed to take your website from a mediocre digital marketing, lead generation or ecommerce tool and transforming it into an outstanding performer in search engine ranking and conversions.

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The Components of an SEO Audit

Our team of experienced SEO auditors not only look at your site, but they dig deep into your google analytics and google search console (FKA Google webmaster tools) they will perform a data analysis covering a number of areas, including competitor analysis. You will receive a detailed report on each of these different factors, all of which search engines such as Google take into account when they rank your page. Here are some of the most important factors that determine your ranking and what an SEO audit service can do for each:
• information architecture
• keywords
• content Marketing Strategies
• backlink profile
• Technical issues
These are broad terms that can be broken down even further.

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If you’ve ever read a guide to seo, you know how important keyword research is. This was the starting point for all wishing to learn SEO. while outstanding content marketing is now considered more important, keywords still play a vital role. This is one area where many hire an SEO consulting firm simply because determining the best keywords for a website does take time and a good amount of work.
When your website is audited, the SEO auditing service will carefully examine the keywords you’ve used to determine if they’re the best keywords possible, if they’re used correctly, and if they could be used better. This includes looking at keywords in your content, metadata, titles, and anywhere else it may appear. This may also prove useful in performing conversion rate optimization.

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a content audit looks at how useful and readable your content strategy is. Looking at your website’s content is usually done along with the keyword audit. You’ll learn where your content seems too thin or is repetitive, plus our SEO website auditing process will look for duplicate content that is partially or wholly replicated from another site.
Creating strong content is another area that can take time, especially if much of your content comes from blogs or articles. In today’s age of “content is king,” however, it’s vital that you treat content with the importance that search engines do. If your content is not well-written, helpful to the reader, and relevant to your site, you’ll be ranked down.

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Mobile Accessibility

Is your website accessible and easily usable to those on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets? If not, it will be ranked much lower on search engines than you might think. Mobile accessibility is very important. The Pew Research Center reports that in 2015, almost 20% of U.S. consumers used their phone for accessing the internet, and for 7%, it was their only way of going online. Ignoring mobile customers, then, is like ignoring a fifth of all of your customers, and that number is increasing every day. One thing an SEO audit service will look for is responsiveness. A responsive website is a site that adjusts sizes, width, navigation, and other features to fit the platform the user is on. The same site displays optimally on a desktop computer, a smartphone, a gaming console, and a tablet without the user doing anything.
Responsive sites are considered one of the top best practices models at the moment due to this fact. They are also much easier for you to maintain because you only have one website to post content to. In the past, developers had to create one website optimized for desktop computers and one optimized for mobile. That led to issues keeping content updated on both. With responsive sites, that’s not an issue.

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the link audit portion of the website SEO audit looks at both the internal and external linking of your website.  Your link building efforts need to conform to the following:
• Use anchor text properly
• Be relevant to the content and your overall website
• external Links should point to high quality websites
• use internal links and external links to give the  reader additional information or help
If your link profile includes a large number of low quality sites, it’s the same as associating with shady business owners. Search engines may assume you engage in some of the same practices as these sites and then slap you with a manual penalty for it.
Backlinks, or links that other sites post to your website, are harder to control. Again, links from poor-quality websites to yours create a negative association that can penalize you. We’ll look for these links and note which ones may be hurting your overall SEO rankings.
Once you know which backlinks may be damaging your rating, you can use Google’s disavow backlinks tool to let the search engine know that you did not ask the site to link back to you and that you have nothing to do with that website.

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Technical Issues

This part of the audit checklist will focus on things such as load times, site navigation, how well social media and your blog are integrated into the site, and the overall page structure. You’ll receive notes concerning issues such as these:
• Pages that aren’t linked into your navigation
• Pages that take too long to load.
• Errors in coding.
• Broken links.
• Over-use of Flash.
By handling these technical issues, you’ll not only improve your site’s SEO but you’ll also make using your website a better experience overall.

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Do You Need an Audit?

Have you ever had your website audited before? If not, now’s the time. Having an SEO audit service look at your site is like having your car tuned up—you need to do it regularly or you may be facing costly repairs down the line. An unaudited website may not cost you thousands of dollars when the engine fails, but it is losing money every day by not bringing in traffic and converting visitors.
Are you struggling to meet your internet marketing goals? Need more than social media? Then do something about it. call to get SEO audit pricing for your website, today and get the tune up it needs.

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