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We fix the errors that harm your website's visibility online.

Our Technical SEO Services not only remove built-in barriers preventing online success, but also lay the foundation for a better experience for users.

Measurable SEOe

Our Technical SEO Services not only remove built-in barriers preventing online success, but also lay the foundation for a better experience for users.

If you want your website to rank highly in search engine results, you're going to need more than a few well-placed keywords. Google's algorithm gives preference to websites that are easy to use, quick to load, and full of relevant information. Those elements need to be incorporated into your pages if you want them to rank highly consistently and stand out from the competition.

Technical SEO is the foundation for creating a responsive, engaging, and high-quality website. It's the fundamental first step in successful digital marketing and something you want to get right from the outset. Our expert team will set you on a path to reach the top of search results by jump-starting a significant improvement for your users.

What We Bring: Expert Knowledge and Data-Driven Strategy

SEO can be intimidating. It's hard to know where to start when it comes to understanding how web browsers and search engines work. You can trust our team of SEO experts to develop a custom plan to meet your specific goals and objectives. We study SEO and test regularly to make sure that our methodology stays relevant and continues to get outstanding results. Take the hassle out of SEO by letting us help your website stand out.

Using manual tactics (not automation), we obsess over the minute details necessary to rank a web page, so you don't have to. Even minor adjustments can have a major impact on your website's performance. Every campaign is customized to meet your specific requirements. Don't settle for some cookie-cutter SEO package when you could truly improve your user experience.

SEO Audits

In order to fully understand where your website currently stands in regard to SEO performance, we start with a Technical SEO website audit. This involves looking at your website, Google analytics, and Google webmaster tools to see exactly how your site ranks and how it could rank better. We look at your website's performance on both traditional web browsers and smartphones to ensure your site is optimized for every way that today's users like to search the web.

We deliver all of this information to you in a detailed report, along with actionable recommendations. This gives us a benchmark for your current SEO health. Key performance indicators that we focus on include:

  • Crawlability

    Check for how crawler-friendly your website is, and check what search engines will discover when they crawl your site

  • Internal URLs

    Investigate URL syntax, explore directory structures and identify any problems or issues with redirecting URLs and redirect chains.

  • Indexability

    Check for overlapping or inconsistent robots meta directives, canonical issues, and robots.txt configuration errors.

  • Links

    Understand how internal links are distributed around your site, and identify issues such as broken links and redirects.

  • On-Page

    Check for common issues with on-page SEO, identify thin pages and duplicate content, and check sentiment and readability scores.

  • Security

    Perform a security audit to identify risks for your website and potential vulnerabilities.

  • Resources

    Crawl every resource on your website to find things like broken images, and missing or redirected scripts.

  • Performance

    Understand exactly how your site performs in terms of speed and mobile-friendliness – for every URL and resource across the whole site.

  • Front-end

    Check your site performance and present front-end optimization opportunities for every page.

  • Code Coverage

    Find out how much JavaScript and CSS code is executed on each page of the website, versus how much is loaded.

  • Accessibility

    Conduct an accessibility audit to identify violations and highlight opportunities to improve.

  • AMP

    Identify any URLs with corresponding AMP HTML pages, and check these AMP pages for technical issues.

  • International

    Validate your hreflang implementation and check that hreflang tags are valid, reciprocal, unique, consistent, and self-referential.

  • XML Sitemaps

    Identify orphan pages, and scan your XML sitemaps for redirects, errors, and indexation issues.

  • Search Console Integrations

    Identify traffic gaps by overlaying search traffic data, through Google Analytics and Search Console integrations.

  • Keywords

    Connect technical SEO with rankings and keyword data, by integrating Google Search Console keyword data.

  • Duplicate Content

    Find duplicate content issues with HTML content (including similar content), titles, meta descriptions, and H1s.

  • Structured Data

    Find out what structured data is present and automatically validate it against Google and guidelines.

Resolving all technical issues is an important first step towards eliminating any potential roadblocks in achieving maximum results for an SEO campaign. You can't hope to help your brand stand out from the competition when your user experience is sub-par.

Do You Need Technical SEO Services?

If you're new to the game of online marketing or have just not considered technical SEO, now is the time to start thinking. Search engine ranking is an integral part of digital marketing strategies and it's not going away any time soon. The sooner you get expert help to improve your ranking, the more you can boost your brand performance and extend your market reach. Best of all, by


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