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Social media was unheard of twenty years ago, but today, it’s become a major factor in marketing. Businesses that do not make use of social media are losing customers to those that do. But even those who do have profiles on multiple accounts may be pushing customers away due to how they mismanage their social media.
Making use of social media marketing services does more than just save you time, it also makes sure you’re not committing major mistakes in your online campaigns. Just because sites like Facebook are used by individuals daily to post whatever’s on their mind does not mean your business can approach social media as flippantly. Without a plan, your social media campaign will flounder.

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Why Social Media?

Word of mouth has always been one of the strongest forms of marketing, but it’s also been one of the most difficult to master. Social media is, in many ways, the online form of word of mouth marketing. It’s easier to control the message in some ways, though, and it’s much easier to see the return on your investment.
Using social media, you can reach out to potentially thousands of new customers, but you can also engage with current customers. You can boost loyalty and retention, get feedback on ideas, and help educate customers about your brand. Things that once had to be done via different channels can now be done in the same place and for relatively cheap.
But that’s only if you have a great social media campaign. If you don’t know where to begin, it’s time to hire an expert. Here are some of the things a social media management professional can do for you.

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Create Your Profile

Your social media strategy begins with creating your profile on different social media sites. Your profile has to present your brand to your multiple audiences—those who know you and those who do not. It also has to make your business look professional yet approachable. These can seem contradictory, but a strong social media management company can do it.
They will also look at your business and determine which social media sites it fits best with. Not every site will be right for every business. For example, those that primarily offer services may not find the photo-sharing social media app Instagram that useful. You don’t necessarily have to have an account on every social media site out there.

Yes, I Want a Social Media Presence

Determine Your Strategy

Creating your social media advertising campaign is very difficult if you have no experience in this area. That’s where the experts come in. With years of experience and knowledge of best practices, these professionals know now to take advantage of everything from engagement to influencer marketing. You’ll be fully involved in the creation of this strategy, of course, because it will need to line up with the rest of your marketing plans.
Outstanding Content
Most businesses hire social media marketing services to provide engaging, high quality content for their sites. This content needs to be engaging, unique, relevant, and timely. Creating content for multiple profiles on a regular basis is a lot of work, which is why it’s often best to bring in a professional.

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Building Your Brand

Increasing your brand visibility is one of the primary goals for social media. These social sites can turn a small business into a success story almost overnight if the brand goes viral. By using social media best practices, your new social media team will be able to make your brand known to your target audience quickly and efficiently.

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Finding Followers

One of the most difficult aspects of a social media campaign is bringing in followers. These are the people who want to see what you’re posting on your profile. Paying to bring in followers has been proven to not work—these paid followers don’t really care what you have to offer, they just want money.
However, by engaging in influencer marketing, your social media partner will package and market your brand to those who influence others. Who is an influencer? The most famous may be Oprah Winfrey. Whatever she presented on her television show often became an instant best-seller. What these online influencers say is often treated as valid fact rather than opinion.

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Customer Engagement

Once you have followers, your digital marketing strategy will outline how to engage them. Social media is different from any other marketing in that your customers are an active part of it rather than passively receiving your message. You can gain feedback, address customer concerns, and even discuss unrelated topics on your social media profiles.
This gives your customers a chance to see the personality behind the faceless corporation. Your business becomes more than just a place to purchase products or services. This makes customers and potential customers view your company differently and, in most cases, more positively than before.

Yes, I Want a Social Media Presence

Do You Need Social Media Management?

Should you partner with social media marketing services? These quick questions can help you determine the answer:
• Do the ins and outs of social media marketing confuse you?
• Do you have too much on your plate already?
• Is hiring your own in-house social media expert out of your budget?
• Are you losing customers every day because you don’t have a social media marketing strategy?
If the answer is “yes!” to any one of these questions, you need to find an expert who can create the best social media campaign. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you revolutionize your social media.

Yes, I Want a Social Media Presence

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