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Google Manual Penalty Removal & Recovery Services

One day your site is on top of the search engines and the leads are pouring in faster than you can respond. Then, without warning, the phones go silent. You check Google to see if you slipped only to find that you aren’t there at all.

If this sounds familiar, then you are probably the victim of a Google manual penalty. Whether your penalty is the result of duplicate content or unnatural links, manual penalty removal can’t come soon enough. You depend on search results for your business, and if your customers can’t find you, then you might as well not exist.

When your site has been penalized by a Google manual action, you don’t have time to waste trying to figure out why this happened to you. Many website owners become angry and discouraged when they find themselves out of the search rankings. While these feelings are natural—after all, your business is at stake—they don’t accomplish anything other than more grief. Instead, you need to find the right solution. Calling on an experienced professional who knows how to diagnose Google penalties and bring you back to the top is the smartest first move you can make.

A manual penalty occurs when Google specifically recognizes suspicious action from your website. This generally will involve a specific violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. An algorithmic penalty usually involves an update like Panda or Penguin that knocks you back in the rankings because of your site’s content or because of SEO practices that look like spam.

If you have been hit with a Google manual penalty, you certainly aren’t alone. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team, estimates that over 400,000 websites get hit with a manual action each month. In that same time period, only 20,000 reconsideration requests are processed by Google. That means only 5% of penalized sites are going through the proper Google penalty removal efforts to recover. This isn’t because Google is too strict. Rather, it’s because recovering from a manual penalty takes time and effort, both of which you probably don’t have if you are trying to run a business. That’s why you need a professional to handle it for you.

A Google penalty often leads to a period of despair, but if you have an experienced Google manual penalty removal service on your side, then you won’t have to worry for too long. We have helped hundreds of website owners overcome their penalties by finding the source of the problem, correcting it, and going through the proper steps for reconsideration in the world’s most powerful search engine.

How We Overcome Google’s Manual Action

Step 1: Discovery

The first step to getting back to the top of the search results is finding out exactly what caused the penalty. This involves multiple steps, the first of which is finding out what type of penalty you have. While there are a number of reasons why you may receive a penalty from Google, the most common is having unnatural links pointing to your site. In recent years, Google has really stepped up its efforts to defeat link spam.

  • The quality of links your site has
  • The number of links your site has
  • Suspicious link patterns
  • Too many links pointing to the same page on your site
  • Having spam content

Determining if you have suffered from a manual penalty is as simple as checking your Webmaster Tools. Google will notify you when a manual penalty has been issued.  Of course, this only works if you have Webmaster Tools installed on your site. Algorithmic penalties often line up with known roll-out dates. No matter what, we can find the problem for you.

Step 2: Deciphering Your Penalty

Knowing why you have a penalty is important because it is the only way you can really correct the problem. Once we have determined the type of penalty you have, we can then develop a recovery plan. In the case of a penguin or unnatural links penalty, this begins with a link audit. We have performed hundreds of link audits during the past few years, allowing us to successfully determine the rationale behind Google penalties and help website owners get their sites back in front of their customers.

Our link audit services are thorough, efficient, and effective. By analyzing your linking profile, we can determine exactly why Google issued your penalty. The goal here is not to point blame on anyone. It’s simply to find the bad links so that we can take care of them. Naturally, we may also be able to offer you suggestions on how to avoid bad links in the future, but the immediate focus is on getting your site back to visible.

If your penalty isn’t related to links, then we will conduct a complete website audit to find the source of the problem. With our powerful tools and knowledgeable experts, we can detect duplicate or thin content as well as other issues.

In addition to determining the cause of your penalty, we will also figure out exactly what has been penalized. A manual penalty often will only affect some of your website’s content. For example, if all of your backlinks target the homepage on your website, then your penalty may only affect the homepage. Of course, if your homepage attracts the bulk of your traffic, you’re going to feel the effect.

Step 3: Fixing the Problem

To fix the problem, having the help of a proven professional goes a long way in easing fear and frustration, not to mention shortening the time in penalty. Our SEO experts have helped many website owners get their penalties revoked. Our recovery programs have also helped clients regain some, if not all, of their previous traffic. If you have a manual penalty, we can do the same for you.

The most important thing that you can do during this part of the process is to have patience. Recovering from a Google penalty is not an overnight process. Oftentimes, the offense that led to a manual penalty occurred over a long period of time, which means we have a lot of work to reverse. The last thing you want to do is rush through the process and submit a reconsideration request before you are ready. Submitting a reconsideration request too soon NEVER works.

Armed with the results of our link audit, we are ready to start removing those links and get you back on the road to recovery. During this process, we like to go over the results of the link audit with you. Sometimes it is possible to remove a portion of the bad links yourself (for example, if  a link network was used). However, more often than not, the removal process is time consuming and complex.

Ridding your site of spammy links involves manual link removal requests and some time. Getting website owners to remove links is an art form, and you need a professional with excellent communication skills and knowledge of the industry to do it for you. Of course, not every site owner is going to respond to your request. Therefore, it also may require the knowledgeable use of Google’s Disavow tool. Using the Disavow tool can be tricky, and this isn’t the best place to start. Rather, think of it as a last resort.

During this process, you only want to remove links that violate Google’s guidelines. If you remove too many links, you will end up losing your authority in the search engines, which will make your road to recovery even longer. Luckily, we know which kinds of links to remove and which ones to keep.

Step 4: Reconsideration

Crafting a proper reconsideration request can be the difference between success and failure. Having a professional service which has successfully submitted many reconsideration requests is certainly a big bonus. We know exactly what needs to be said to Google in order to get your penalty lifted. The spam team needs to know you gave it your all, and that’s exactly what we are here to do for you.

Getting Your Traffic Back

Just because your penalty has been lifted doesn’t mean that you will suddenly shoot to the top of the search engine. If you have removed a number of bad links, then your site might not look as good to the search engines as it did before the action. Therefore, it is important to engage in the right practices that will help your site get the traffic it once had. Measurable SEO will help you rebuild. We pride ourselves in achieving  long term success and growth for your business.

Making Sure It Doesn’t Happen Again

After your penalty has lifted and your traffic starts to climb back up, you want to make sure that you don’t fall into this situation again. A comprehensive SEO strategy from Measurable SEO will help guarantee that your site will stay penalty free. Measurable SEO uses only white hat SEO that follows all of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. By sticking to a plan that uses only ethical practices, you can rest assured that your site won’t incur anymore Google penalties.

Is Google Penalty Recovery Right for Me?

If you have been hit with a Google penalty and it is important for you to regain visibility in the SERPs, then the answer is “Yes!” Our recovery services are designed to get you back  in the search results. It can be a difficult process to go it alone, but you can count on us to help you. We have helped countless clients overcome Google actions, and we are confident that we can help you, too.

Are you ready to overcome your Google penalty? If so, contact us today and start your recovery now.

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